Roleplay Rules


  1. You must be 18+ to be a part of ProphecyRP. Applications will be judged on merit, and our interview after the application is a means to secure serious dedicated roleplayers with a level of maturity.

  2. Any disrespectful or racist behaviour, harassment, bullying or personal attacks is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban from both the server and the community. Any toxicity will result in a ban from the server and the community, ProphecyRP will not tolerate any form of this. If you decide that ProphecyRP does not suit you then do not waste your time in attempts to troll the Community.

  3. To play on ProphecyRP you are required to have a working microphone and headset. You should be able to be heard clearly when talking, and have little to none background noise disturbing immersion.

    Voice Changers are per basic not allowed, but should you have an alternative roleplay idea (Example:  Gasmask sounds), speak to Admin for approval.

  4. In game VOIP must be used at all times. Being found talking any third party application, such as teamspeak, discord, skype, etc. will result in a final warning. Continued abuse will result in a ban.

  5. VOIP is the only communication type. We do not allow text rp on ProphecyRp. A lot of actions can simply be described through words and use of emotes, and we believe ‘text rp’ takes away from the immersion and takes away from the roleplay.

    Chat is allowed for use if having technical issues. Simply type “Tech Issues”, and you will have 5 minutes to try and solve your issues, and from there hopefully the scenario can be played out. Should there still be issues, contact an Admin.

  6. Roleplay that violates the Twitch ToS ( is strictly prohibited.

  7. Meta Gaming is not allowed. This means that you are not allowed to use and act on any information not gathered by way of Roleplay. Watching Twitch or Youtube, or reading Twitter or Discord, or word of mouth, does not gain your character knowledge of information IN CHARACTER, and any information found out, cannot be used in game.

  8. You are not allowed to be in streams of ProphecyRP whilst in game.

  9. Permadeath – On ProphecyRP we play with permadeath. This means that playing out a good roleplay scenario, where your character dies, will result in them being permanently dead.

    Should you ever feel the rp was bad/inadequate, and does not do your death justice, then immediately reach out to an Admin, who will check the situation and decide the outcome. Be aware that for Admins to make the best decisions, having video footage of the scenario will make it easier for them to judge what happened. It is always your responsibility to record an incident.

    Should your character die to a glitch/server crash/restart, you can contact the Admins who can help you get back to your body and regear you with your items. You are to always contact an Admin through TS, if you have died to a Glitch/Crash/PvE related death.

  10. It is your responsibility to take care of your character. This means that most PvE deaths are considered Permas. Exposing your character to cold/heat/starvation/dehydration is taking a risk that can have consequences. This also includes dying from low stats; Starving to the brink of survival, only to get hammered by zombies to death.


    An amnesty is a period of time where certain PvE deaths are invalid as Perma deaths, meaning they leave you able to continue your character, should you have died to a PvE incident. You are to always contact an Admin through TS, if you have died to a Glitch/Crash/PvE related death.


  11. If your character passes out (Bloodloss/Starvation/Dehydration/etc.) you are not allowed to respawn until you see the “You Are Dead” message on the screen.
  12. You are to stay in character at all times. Whilst roleplaying you should always stick to your character and keep the scenario realistic. Value the life of your character, as well as the stories created and the lives of others, when playing out situations.

  13. Value of Life – It is important that you at all times, value the life of your character and others, in roleplay situations. Play your character accordingly, but always keep in mind the story between yourself and others in the situation, and the level of roleplay and seriousness put into a scene. If killed during any incident, anyone can amend the perma by contacting Admins, but be aware that if found that you are killed due to lack of roleplay on your part, it is also seen as a perma.

    You should value your victims life whilst it is in your hands. No matter your characters reason or enjoyment with their victim, or ‘planned’ result in the holdup, you should always protect them from environmental aspects not involving your ‘holdup rp’. Example: Not having them starve whilst you are torturing them.

  14. Throw Away – On ProphecyRP our vision is intense stories with character individuality and relation building. For that reason, we see that all Characters should be created with an essence to their background and personality, as so to secure value of life of this character and those it meets. Any character that is found to not follow this, and/or is clearly build with intent of revenge or “throw away” will instantly be permaed.

  15. A new character will have no recollection or memories of your previous characters. This also means you cannot tie the two together with knowledge of their lives/deaths.


              Play brother 1, has a nice camp but dies from falling off a cliff.

              Play brother 2, would have no knowledge of where his brother lived, who he knew, and how he died. – Would know personal traits from before the apocalypse about his brother.

    It is not allowed to make a new character with the intent to take revenge on the person(s) who killed your previous character.

    When your current character dies, it is highly recommended to avoid joining the same group of people with your new character – This is to promote fresh stories, new ideas, originality and creativity.

  16. When your current character dies, you are NOT allowed to create a new character with the same/similar backstory.

    You new character should be something different from what you’ve previously played. This is to develop originality and fresh roleplay for everyone on the server, creating challenging scenarios for everyone.

    If you played a ‘bad guy’ as your previous character, it does not mean you are obligated to play a ‘good guy’. It simply means that your characters background and reasoning for his/hers actions should be different from the previous character. 


    Bad Char 1: Bandit who robs people to get more things to simply survive the apocalypse.

    Bad Char 2: Master in deception and lies, hoaxing their way into supplies/information, throwing anyone under the bus, who they eventually don’t need.

  17. Benching – If you wish to “Bench” your character, you must first ask an Admin. This is to prevent people from avoiding roleplay/skipping out on stories. Admins will check whether your character is actively involved in any stories and other people’s lives, and from the gathered information it is judged whether your character is to deep into a roleplay story to suddenly disappear or can vanish “into the night”.

    If your story is not going the way you intended then attempt to develop the character, do not be afraid to go in a different direction. If you “bench” a character without first speaking to Admins then that character will be permaed, and you will receive a warning – this is to ensure stories of others involved in that character are not affected.

  18. You are not permitted to write “game mechanics” into your character background.

    Example: Cannibalism – No character, unless organically roleplayed or information gained from roleplay, will have knowledge of the signs of cannibalism – Such as the laugh or twitch, these signs cannot be used to identify people and used against them.

  19. Initiation – Your intentions must be made clear when initiating with another player or players. You must interact with the person or persons and make your intentions clear before taking any hostile actions. You may only take action if the person or persons do not comply with your demands within a reasonable amount of time. Raising your gun will be considered initiation whether deliberate or by accident. Scoping into camps or onto other players will also be considered as initiation (Use Binoculars secretword or remove scope from gun if scouting). Be aware of VOIP range when initiating and ensure your intentions are clear.

  20. You MUST be in VOIP range of any active RP or PVP scene or players to become involved.

    EXAMPLE: If you are 400 meters away, and see someone being held up, you would not be able to ascertain what was occurring and therefore you are not involved in the RP and may NOT take hostile action.

    Should you wish to be involved in the scenario, you must do so by way of roleplay, making your intention clear as you intervene.

  21. Combat Logging – You are not allowed to log out during any combat or active roleplay scenario. Whilst being in or having taken part in a hostile or intense scenario, you must wait at least 30 minutes before exiting the server after the hostile scenario is “over”.

  22. You may take revenge for any hostile action taken against you, within 15 minutes after the interaction took place. You MUST confirm the identity of the person prior to taking action.

  23. You are NOT allowed to log-in to an active scenario, in order to assist other players your character might side with. Example: Camp is being held up/attacked, there is only one person to defend it who is in for a rough patch. It is not allowed to log-in to help this person out.

  24. It is not allowed to empty tents or barrels and steal them. Stealing is considered allowed, if it is within reason and if those items are needed by your character – BE AWARE; Caught stealing can result in a new breathing hole through the forehead.

    If caught emptying tents or barrels or taking excessive amount of item from a camp beyond common reasoning, can result in a ban from the server with no appeal.

    Base-raiding is not allowed on the server. This is defined by breaking crafted walls and locks.Vaulting non-crafted walls is permitted but you must only take things within reason and not in excessive amounts that would be considered griefing.

    Petty theft is allowed if you do not have to break into the camp, but rather have found your own RP-way to access peoples things.


    1. Ol’ Johnson lets you into his camp and then goes to entertain some other guests. You have a snoop around his tents and decides you needed a new gun. Hopefully he doesn’t notice the change as you leave…
    2. You find a big walled of place, that looks like it has a bunch of goodies on the inside. Unfortunately the walls are sturdy and the lock is securing the door, so there is no getting in. You rather decide to stalk the place for a couple of days finding out who the owners might be. Perhaps you can hoax them into giving you a tour of their place…
    3. As you pass a big green house on your travels you notice the walls. You also notice that the owners didn’t seem to have bothered with parking the car on the inside of their home. After making sure the owners isn’t around you sneak up to the car, get in the driver seat and turn the key stuck in the ignition… It turns on. Aware that the sound of this starting car might attract unwanted attention, you hurry to back it up and get the hell out of there before anyone can shoot you dead out of the car, hoping no one saw you…
  25. It is not permitted to poison food and leave it in item containers (Tents, Barrels, Lockers). Poisoning food and handing it to another character as part of RP is allowed.

    Booby traps and use of any grenades (Smoke Grenades excluded) are not allowed.

  26. Use of glitches, exploits, duping or hacks will result in an instant ban and reported.

  27. When logging in to the server you MUST use the first and last name of your current character.

    To do this please do the following:

              In your DayZ Launcher, head to Parameters.

              Check the Profile Name section and write in your character name.

    Youtube Video Guide

  28. * The amount of cars you are allowed to have in your possession is now limited. [10/11/2019]
    1 person – 1 vehicle of your choosing.
    2 to 5 people – 2 vehicles of your choosing.
    6+ people – 4 vehicles of your choosing.

    We are doing this so to give everyone a chance to own a vehicle and not have groups with ridiculous amount of vehicles.
  29. On the map Deer Isle you are not allowed to build any kind of camp on the oil rigs. This includes putting down any kind of storage item.