Roleplay Rules

  1. You must be 18 or over to be a part of Prophecy RP. All applications will be judged on merit Prophecy RP is a server for serious dedicated roleplayers and a level of maturity is expected.
  2. You must have access to a working microphone and headset – you must be able to be heard clearly when talking and avoid background noises.
    Voice Changers are not allowed – however if a voice changer is suitable for a char ie gas mask sound then speak to Admin for approval.
  3. Any disrespectful or racist behaviour, harassment, bullying or personal attacks is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban from both the server and the community. Any toxicity will result in a ban from the server and the community, ProphecyRP will not tolerate any form of this. If you decide that ProphecyRP does not suit you then do not waste your time in attempts to troll the Community.
  4. Roleplay that violates the Twitch ToS ( is strictly prohibited.
  5. Meta Gaming – you are not allowed to obtain information or act on information that is not gathered by way of Roleplay. Using Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or any other means of social media, using information from a character killed or an alternate character or word of mouth will result in a ban. This includes any form of communication other than through legitimate role play.
  6. Stream sniping will result in an instant ban. You are not allowed to be in streams whilst in game.
  7. In game VOIP must be used at all times during Roleplay – no third party applications such as Teamspeak, Discord etc to be used – doing this will result in a final warning. Continued abuse of this rule will result in a ban. This is to stop you being accused of meta gaming and of meta gaming being carried out.
  8. When logging in to the server you MUST use the first and last name of your current character.
  9. VOIP will be used at all times during roleplay – no typing in game chat is allowed unless you have technical issues – if technical issues are being experienced then you will type “Tech Issue” and nothing else – you will have 5 minutes to try and resolve the issue otherwise the scenario will be played out if possible or you will contact an admin. You may use in game notes as part of your roleplay.
  10. Permadeath – If your character dies to good roleplay then the death will be considered permanent. Your character will die and your story with that particular character ends. If your character dies to bad/inadequate roleplay then this will be reported to Admins and a decision will be made by them – it is your responsibility to record the incident to provide footage for Admins to make a decision. Should your character die to a glitch/server crash/restart etc you may return to your body to retrieve gear etc. however if there is active roleplay occurring at the location on your return please respect this. Recording footage or having the ability to will benefit all players involved – footage can also be obtained from other persons viewpoints ie Twitch, Youtube etc.
  11. It is your responsibility to “look” after your character – if your character dies to starvation, dehydaration, zombies, wolves, cold or heat exhaustion (unless an amnesty is in place) this will be considered perma. This also includes dying to low stats – ie if your character breaks a leg or is mauled by zombies your stats will be low its is your responsibility to regain the stats to full. Should you continue your character knowing your stats are low and you die then this will be considered perma.
  12. You are not allowed to respawn until you see the “you are dead” message on screen ie if you are unconscious then you must wait to wake up or die naturally.
  13. You must stay in character at all times, roleplay should be in keeping with your character and realistic. You must value the life of your character and the life of others, portraying this through role play in all situations.
  14. Value of Life – You must at all times value your life in role play situations and play your character accordingly, if you are killed due to lack of role play on your part then this will be considered perma death, record the incident if you feel the death was unfair. You must stay true to your character at all times. This also includes the well being of your character ie well fed, hydrated etc.
  15. “Throw away” characters – ALL characters created by players must have a back story and you will at all times value the life of that character and that of other players you interact with. Any character that does not follow the above will be permaed – no throw away characters allowed.
  16. Use of glitches, exploits, duping or hacks will result in an instant ban and reported.
  17. Initiation – Your intentions must be made clear when initiating with another player or players. You must interact with the person or persons and make your intentions clear before taking any hostile actions. You may only take action if the person or persons do not comply with your demands within a reasonable amount of time. Raising your gun will be considered initiation whether deliberate or by accident. Scoping into camps or onto other players will also be considered as initiation (Use Binoculars or remove scope from gun if scouting). Be aware of VOIP range when initiating and ensure your intentions are clear.
  18. You MUST be in VOIP range of any active RP or PVP scene or players to become involved for example if you are 400 metres away and see someone being held up you would not be able to ascertain what was occurring and therefore you are not involved in the RP and may NOT take hostile action. You can if you wish become involved in the scenario however you must do this by way of Roleplay for example if you wish to intervene you need to make your intentions clear.
  19. A new character has no recollection or memories of your previous character, you are NOT permitted to make a new character to take revenge on the person or persons who killed your previous character. ie. making a new character and becoming involved in the story your previous character was involved in.
  20. It is NOT allowed to log in at an active scene to assist other players ie. being held up for example.
  21. It is not permitted to poison food and leave it in barrels, bags etc you can feed poisoned food to another player as part of RP. Booby traps are not allowed ie grenades left in barrels or bags for example.
  22. If you wish to “Bench” a character – ie put a character “to sleep” you must first ask an Admin – this will only be allowed if the character is not actively involved in other persons stories ie being hunted etc. However it is preferred that a character is developed and their story continues. If your story is not going the way you intended then attempt to develop the character do not be afraid to go in a different direction. If you “bench” a character without first speaking to Admins then that character will be permaed – this is to ensure stories of others involved in that character are not affected.
  23. Characters – (voted by the community) – When your existing character dies you are NOT allowed to start a new character with the same/similar backstory or the same type of character, for example A Bandit or Hero. Your new character must be something different. This is to develop originality, fresh roleplay for both you and others on the server and to challenge members for creativity. If your original character was a bad character you can make another bad character but the storyline has to be different with a new backstory.
  24. Characters – When your current character dies you are not allowed to rejoin or start new characters with the same people you were roleplaying with – this is to promote fresh stories, new ideas, originality and creativity. It is also to promote roleplay with other members of ProphecyRP.
  25. It is not allowed to empty tents, barrels and steal them, it is allowed to steal items within reason IF they are NEEDED. Anyone caught emptying tents will be banned from the server with no appeal allowed.
  26. You are not allowed to write into your backstories for a character any game mechanics – ie Cannibalism – no character unless organically roleplayed or information gained from roleplay will have knowledge of the signs of cannibalism – such as the laugh or twitch, these signs cannot be used to identify people and used against them.
  27. Combat Logging – you are not allowed to log out during combat or an active role play scenario – if you are in combat or involved in a scenario then you are not allowed to log out for 30 minutes.
  28. You may take revenge for any hostile action taken against you and must do so 15 minutes after the interaction takes place, you MUST confirm the identify of the person prior to taking action.