Military Gear partial Ban Rules

On occasion should the need arise we will impose a ban on certain military items and clothing – this will be updated here and the Community informed during the Community Meetings,

This is to challenge the player to be realistic and true to their characters for example – would a 15yr old child immediately wear full military gear with a heavy back pack and toting two fully kitted guns – of course not.

Likewise would a journalist or a nurse run around in the same style – no – we want to be as realistic as DayZ will allow us and that means dressing the part and carrying the right gear.

Look past the gear, think of your character and realistic look and feel of the character your portraying, even military personnel would not dress in full kit carrying everything under the sun, it’s about realistic character look and roleplay – dressing in full military immediately forces a certain type of RP.
Those of you that cannot see past the gear, try it, try and look past the gear, look at roleplay and a serious believable character with a good story to tell.