ProphecyRP Server Rules

Why have rules?

ProphecyRP has always intended to be different. It’s a server where people can come and create a character and a story, in an environment that is admined to keep it as safe as possible to do exactly that and have the chance to tell a story or possibly die to a good well thought out plot that means something.

The Admin Team care a great deal about the roleplay and the Community, and work hard to keep it a clean environment.

ProphecyRP is not the same as other servers, be those present or past. We set out to be different and challenging, using DayZ as a filmset and environment where players can immerse themselves in creativity without the stale generic roleplay we all have experienced in the past.

We are not a content creation server, and do not cater to individuals because it suits them, your character is at risk the same as everyone else, your actions and the actions of those around you will develop the story. Bear in mind we care about roleplay and no one will lose a character to cheap or inadequate roleplay.

ProphecyRP is about building a community of like minded people, sharing the same idea and vision of a place, where roleplay, characters and story lines holds meaning.

If your idea of roleplay, is finding meaningless excuses to kill and end storylines, then ProphecyRP is not for you. ProphecyRP is built off rules and roleplay that are designed to challenge and give the player a fear of losing of the character that you grow to care about.

We do not believe in stories ending and characters being lost to un-creative roleplay or in characters created simply to create death and chaos with no meaning, reason or story – we want bad characters and that risk but we want bad characters that truly mean something and build the story to mean something. The same applies to good characters.

Our goal is to make people build and create stories and for them to appreciate and respect the stories (Your own as well as others).

We do not believe in generic bandits or hero’s, and we are not about factions or who can organize the biggest group.

We are not about making it impossible to begin or end stories – We are about creating a place where people can create characters with creative storylines and have a chance to tell their story.

All without losing it to ego or those characters with nothing to offer besides mediocre roleplay.

  • If you want to play a ‘bad‘ character – then play it well. Think about what you are doing, what you are about, why you do what you do, and the consequences of your actions – for both yourself and others.
  • Same thing applies to playing a good character. Dive into your story, your character traits, develop it and grow it, think of the actions your character would have on others around you.
  • Make your story be it good or bad last for as long as you can, until you are exhausted of all options and then let others potentially influence it further.

Going for quick endings, or getting involved in stories that doesn’t fit your character, will essentially make no sense.

Stay true to your character and develop the story organically and dont be afraid to let other characters influence that story and potentially change it.

Do not approach the roleplay with a set idea and be disappointed that it doesnt go the way you wanted it too, go with the flow, be open to others possibly turning your character, changing it, be organic.

Rules are a guideline, and some have to be enforced, while others are put in place to make players think differently and plan differently.

ProphecyRP is not a pvp server, and characters are not killed for little to no reason. There will be no killing to boost ego, or by the hands of characters made without any creative thought or storyline.

Some rules are here to break the mentality just mentioned. You are here to roleplay, creating a character, developing  stories, with consequences that matter to all involved.

So don’t look at the rules one-dimensionally. Instead, think about the rule, and the reason behind it. Everything done here is to try to improve the roleplay.

Although the rules are guidelines, some rules are enforced. We will at times implement rules for a short period, in order to optimize the roleplay experience.

Examples are to prevent the “trap” of military gear that the average civilian would not wear or to control groups getting too big it effects the roleplay economy. These rules are discussed with the community and voted on by the community.

ProphecyRP will always try and generate new ways to inspire players with roleplay, the idea is to make players more aware of their character, the actions they take, the consequences those actions may have on the player themselves and those around them.

ProphecyRP is not about the individual, we are about the Community and improving roleplay for everyone and also providing a place where people can escape real life for a short time and immerse themselves with others in story telling. Its about helping each other out both in the roleplay world and in real life.

Its also about meeting new people, making new friends and helping each other out.Some people cannot see this and don’t get it, and rather only care about themselves and their story.

It is not what we are about, and these people don’t see the true reasoning behind some of the rules. All we can ask is try to look past the wording and see the reasoning.

The rules are not here to restrict players. It is not about stopping players playing a character. It is about challenging the player to be as realistic and immersive as possible.

Prophecy is not quick hit roleplay, and no matter how long or short the stories developed is, it’s about making it great and making sense.

We seek good creative, organic and realistic players, that think and react to whatever is in front of them, staying as true to that character as they can.