Deer Isle September 2019

The stories in the apocalypse is carried on, as we follow our few survivors trying their best to cope with what the world has turned into.
A few survivors looking for answers, their home, a better world, has set off from the coast of Chernarus in a ship with strangers, in the goal to find another life, new life. Having their head fills with hopes and dreams, their journey didn't lead them right where they expected.

Deer Isle, just off the coast of Main, is no paradise. If you ask our little band of traveling survivors you might even learn that its worse. But the islanders already know this, and is now also faced with uninvited visitors to whom they now must share their supplies with - not all so willingly.
The island is just another horrible location in this living hell. It is gruesome and will soon demand the blood of those weakest of the bunch. How long can you survive...