Prophecy Foretold

The mist crept in from the sea, covering the land in a soft white blanket, dampening sound, it was night, the moon still  visible high above the mist, its bright white light bathing the land under it.
There was a beauty here, a peace, not a sound could be heard, it was if the land and everything in it was sleeping, suddenly footsteps, fast footsteps approaching, getting closer, someone’s running, strange at this time of night, a sound, a cry, shouts, the quiet is shattered, the land is awake.

Through the mist a figure appeared out of the tree line, a woman, slight build, she looked behind her, a bag on her shoulder, she stumbled and continued to run.
She ran, her breath sounded like thunder in her ears, they had found her, they were still hunting her, she had escaped them before she could do it again, she ran, looking behind her she could see light, torchlight, moving fast towards her, she checked her breath, she knew how to run she had been running all her life.

The bag, she must not, cannot lose it, its contents beyond valuable, people had died for it, friends had died for it, if the contents were discovered many more would also die.
She knew her body was failing her, every breath she took was not enough to feed her muscles the oxygen they were desperately screaming for.

She knew this time would be the last time she ran, she knew she wasn’t going to escape but that didn’t stop her, deep within her she summoned the will to move, to keep moving.

She saw a flash of white to her left, she stumbled, her breath snatched from her, she looked again, trying to see through the mist, nothing.
She felt a sadness fall upon her, she had been told this would happen, one day.
She heard a cry from behind her, she turned saw the lights were getting closer, she took a long deep breath and took what was left her body had to offer her and ran, if she could reach the town then maybe, just maybe………………….