Chapter One A Deadly Addiction

Somewhere in Chernarus at an undisclosed secret location the Russian Military began research into the development of a drug, the results were not as expected. During the testing subjects began to die, their deaths unexplained. Some of the researchers became concerned, worried, their concerns were ignored by superiors and so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Research and samples of the drug were stolen, taken outside the safety of the secure location, the Outbreak had made it outside the walls, it was now just a matter of time.

Yuri Sokolov was 27 years old, he had grown up an only child, had been an angry child, rebellious, he became involved in petty crime and drugs. Initially he only used soft drugs but due to his obsessive nature it was inevitable he would succumb to harder drugs. At 28 yrs old Yuri was a full blown drug addict, he had nothing, lived nowhere, his only goal in life was to find his next fix. He stole, begged, lied and searched for any means to buy the drugs he craved. Yuri moved from town to town, a vagrant, a ghost to normal society, he did not exist in their eyes. A few days after the research was lost, Yuri was in Electro, the day for him was not good, he hadn’t been able to buy drugs, he was suffering, his craving eating at him, he was desperate.

He was sat on the main street of Electro busy with his usual routine of begging, looking for opportunities to steal, wrapped in his blanket, hat on the floor in front of him, his excuse, lie, to people was written on a piece of cardboard. Today Yuri was an ex russian soldier who had fallen on hard times, needed money to feed his family, Yuri didn’t feel any guilt doing this, all he wanted was money to buy his next fix. Yuri looked around, it was quiet today not many people around, it was going to be a long day, he was hurting, he needed a fix and he needed it soon.Yuri noticed a pile of rubbish on the side of the road, something in it drew his attention, he couldn’t see properly from where he was so he got up and went to search. In the rubbish was a flask,metallic, screw top, heavy duty, Yuri’s heart skipped a beat, excited, it appeared he had found someway to get his drug of choice, he would take this to Gregor at the Pawn Shop, surely he would get a good price for this.

Out of curiosity Yuri opened the flask expecting it to be empty, what he found made his day a whole lot brighter.The flask was unlike a normal flask, when he unscrewed the top Yuri noticed that the flask was a container, inside were two vials of a clear liquid, the bottles unmarked, Yuri recognised the vials as medical, it was a drug, maybe morphine, he had hit the jackpot. Yuri quickly looked around made sure he wasn’t being watched and hid the flask under his jacket, he knew exactly where to go with this, the docks, there it was quiet, he wouldn’t be disturbed and it’s where he had stashed his belongings. 

Yuri was past desperate now, his craving had taken away any coherent thought, the only thing on his mind now was to take the drug, to rid himself of the pain he was feeling. He reached the docks, located his stash in the metal shipping container where he had left it and found what he was looking for, his syringe, he never shared, probably why he had lived for so long. He took one of the vials, shook it and held it up to the light, the sun shone through the clear liquid. Yuri smiled, he pushed the needle of the syringe into the rubber sealing the vial, drew back the plunger, watched as the liquid was drawn up into the syringe, he was experienced with morphine, he had stolen medical supplies before, he knew exactly how much to draw out. He sat back against the wall of the container, warm from the sun, it was getting harder for him to find a vein now, most in his arms were blocked from the abuse, he wrapped the rubber band around his left arm, tightened it, waited, managed to find a vein, he smiled to himself as he pushed the needle into the vein, not long now he thought, not long to that glow he would feel, the pain gone…

A few weeks later, the Western Intelligence services began to monitor reports from the Russian Interior, reports of an unexplained outbreak, the reports became more regular and disturbing, initially the outbreak was contained to a city known as Electro but soon reports starting being received from all parts of Chernarus. It was clear the Russians could not contain it and the outbreak was threatening to cross borders into neighbouring states. A United Nations task force was set up, the Russians refused any assistance and informed the West should they interfere then Military action would be taken. In 2017 the outbreak crossed land borders and the UN decided to take action, the outbreak had to be stopped helicopters were dispatched carrying military personnel and equipment, once they crossed the borders of Chernarus they were never heard from again. Reports were being received from other countries of family members, workers and travellers being reported missing, all had visited or were in Chernarus at the time of the Outbreak.

The Outbreak had taken control, it couldn’t be stopped, the date is now, the time is now, it was no longer a case of stopping the Outbreak it was a case of surviving it…