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About ProphecyRP

ProphecyRP was created by friends with Community at the heart, its more than just a roleplay server. It’s a place where people can come, forget real life and meet new people.

We have had so many successes in real life for members here who have benefited from the Community, the people they have met and for Prophecy that’s what it has always been about.

Prophecy has a vision, that vision is a Community of like minded people that want a place to call home, an escape, a place to relax, find friends and have the chance to tell a story where everything happens organically.

ProphecyRP DayZ Server Lore

There is a reason behind the name Prophecy.

The Server Lore behind ProphecyRP was always meant to be different, a change to the usual back story of Chernarus. The Lore explains how the Outbreak started, the characters involved and their stories both past and present.

The reason behind the name Prophecy is in that story.

On occasion a Lore character will appear on the server for members  to interact with should they wish and possibly influence the progress of the server’s story line.

Each chapter holding clues to characters, their personalities and how the Outbreak affected them.

The Lore is a Story for all to enjoy by either interaction, influence or just to read.

Press the link opposite to see how the Outbreak started.


Our Server rules and why

When ProphecyRP was created it was always meant to be different, to try and offer a different experience for the role player. We wanted organic role play without the organised out of character  style of role play. We are not a pvp orientated server, we are here for role play.

We want players to arrive on the server with a history, a background and then let the interactions of others organically build the character and develop the story.

Role play here is organic, its about challenge, originality, story telling, respecting each others stories and developing characters into something truly awesome. 

We are not a quick hit role play server, the rules try to guide players into building stories, respecting each others efforts in developing those stories, a death in role play should mean something, be built up to something, be it a hero character or a villain. Everyone deserves that opportunity.

The rules are here to try and provide an atmosphere where this can be accomplished, the rule set isn’t for everyone and we understand that, but it is what we are and what we are about. There will always be a reason behind a rule, feel free to ask and it will be made clear.


ProphecyRP is a serious roleplay server, based on story telling, roleplay over rule play depending on situations. We are not a pvp roleplay based server and applicants should remember this when applying.

When applying for ProphecyRP bear in mind the type of server we are – a server that gives its members the chance to tell awesome stories, we look for creativity, originality, characters with a good solid backstory and players who have the ability to adapt to organic roleplay and develop their characters as they roam the server.

Please take the time to read the rules carefully, they are there for a reason, to provide a place to bring your stories to life with other like minded roleplayers.

Click the link opposite to apply and good luck

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