About Us

ProphecyRP is a roleplay and gaming community, created and run by friends for friends. It a place for those that want a place to call home, where real life takes a back seat and you have an opportunity to chill out, relax, game and make new friends.

The vision for Prophecy is to build a gaming community for both roleplay and gaming, as well as a place where you can come and hang out. As the owner I have always promised a team that is unbiased, who will treat people the way they expect to be treated and I enforce that. I also expect the same from members in Prophecy, that way issues get dealt with in a mature way and everyone understands the reasons for decisions made, as everyone is involved in that decision making. The road has been a rough one but the members who truly understand what Prophecy is about know the future is a bright one. At the moment the main game for Prophecy roleplay is DayZ, but as time goes on we will branch out into other games. The Community is an integral part of what Prophecy is about and as such, the Community has a say in what happens – we hold Community Meetings every Friday night, for a catch up and to discuss ideas for the Community, the server and the games we will be playing. The Community get to vote on the majority of ideas and rules etc. In the past we have fallen foul of the toxic element out there, but rest assured that we will not allow that to destroy what we have worked so hard to build.

We are currently running the 1.0 patch of DayZ and have members actively researching, testing and adding mods to the server, these will be entirely based around roleplay and improving the options in game, to assist players with creating and telling truly awesome stories. If this sounds like something that interests you then please join us, you wont regret it. We look forward to your application and hope you can become a part of the family.

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